You Are Doing CyberCrime – Know When & How it happens

You Are Doing CyberCrime – Know When & How it happens

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Lets move a bit from the main topic of this website and talk something about the Cyber Criminals and Cyber Crimes, that we may make either by mistake or Unwanted sources that we are not aware of.

Every Internet user must be aware of these things to make their online journey Safe And Sound. Sometimes people who don’t know about these laws and Crimes get caught and they are Sentenced for Years for just some small issues.

Previously, you might have heard of the Controversial Status update by a Girl followed by a LIKE and a COMMENT on facebook. All three of these had to visit Jail for some time.

People here in india, don’t even care about these things that sometimes returns some serious actions and they get to go to Jail. Who may have thought of a LIKING something on Facebook can result in few days Jail.

It has become possible for people even with comparatively low technical skills to steal thousands of Dollars a day straight from their homes. To make more money than selling Drugs (and with far less risk), the only time the criminals need leave his PC is to collect their cash.

Information Technology Crimes, TeleMarketing and Internet fraud, Identity Theft, and credit card account thefts, all these are considered to be Cyber Crimes when any illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer over Internet.

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A CyberCrime mainly focused on any Criminal Activity or Fraud done with the Help of Computers via Internet. Some of the most common things that relate to Cyber Crimes are Spamming [ Most Bloggers do this ], Phishing, Black-Hat SEO, Social Media Spamming, Malware, Worms and Viruses etc.

cyber-crime know how and when it happens loudfind
cyber-crime know how and when it happens loudfind

# Lets talk Phishing

This is the most worked technique in hacking Social Media Account Information and Bank Account with Credit Card Information Information. A Person simply mails or Messages a link that contains a form and design just like a Social Media or a Bank Website. As soon as the person enters the secure Credentials, all the confidential information like username, password, account Number, Credit Card Number, ATM Pin etc. is sent to the person who is doing Phishing.

# Do You Spam ?

The most common mistake done by most of the bloggers is Spamming. Many a times they hear the word Spamming through Social Media’s like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Spamming means you are forcing people to click and visit your website, no matter the person is having interest in it or not.

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# Black-Hat SEO

There are three techniques of Search Engine Optimization[SEO], first One is White-Hat SEO, second one is Gray-Hat SEO and the most Dangerous and Criminal Way of Optimization is Black-Hat Technique. These techniques are often used by Bloggers and Website Owners to make their website Come in top Pages at different Social Medias [Mentioned Above].

# Malware, Worms and Virus

Many a time while browsing any Website, we see that the owner of the website gives Unwanted PopUps and Downloads even without Asking the User or Clicking Anywhere on the Website. This results in a Malware or a Worm or maybe a Virus to be injected in the End User’s Machine and Start Manipulating the Drives and Auto Create some Files and Directories that are of no use, but this is a BIG Form of Cyber Crime and People should avoid these things to happen.

In the Title of this Article i said “You Are Doing CyberCrime – Know When & How it happens” and i hope by now you have got it properly that how and when you are doing CyberCrime.

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    Mohan Gonnabathula on October 22, 2014 Reply

    cyber crime is really increasing these days

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      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on October 22, 2014 Reply

      @mohangonnabathula:disqus You got to follow these guidelines, to make Online Journey safe and sound !!

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