World’s First Tizen Z1 is finally here, Samsung’s so called “Android Killer”

World’s First Tizen Z1 is finally here, Samsung’s so called “Android Killer”

World’s First Tizen Z1 is finally here, Samsung’s so called “Android Killer”

This is the Samsung Z1—the world’s first Tizen telephone. After one of the bumpiest prelaunch circumstances in late memory, Samsung’s home-developed OS has at last hit cell phones.

Tizen, in the event that you’ll review, is Samsung’s “Android Killer.” While Samsung rose to power on a wave of Android gadgets, it was likewise quietly building up its own OS out of sight. On the off chance that Samsung ever became weary of Google’s Android necessities, Tizen would be there as a cool war risk and great arrangement power for Google Play authorizing talks.

Samsung and Android soared up the piece of the overall industry graphs together, yet was Android effective in view of Samsung, or was Samsung fruitful on account of Android? Tizen should answer that question.


World's First Tizen Z1 is finally here, Samsung's so called "Android Killer"
World’s First Tizen Z1 is finally here, Samsung’s so called “Android Killer”

The Z1 is without a doubt a Samsung gadget. Indeed, the gadget looks almost indistinguishable to 2011’s Galaxy SII. It’s a $92 telephone, however, so we can’t be excessively particular about the outline. The expression of the day for this equipment is “satisfactory”—there’s nothing here that will blow your mind, yet its all utilitarian.

The group of the Z1 is an all-plastic rectangle with adjusted corners and a fake metal ring around the sides. The 800×400, 4-inch LCD isn’t clung to the front glass, so there’s an unmistakable air crevice between the two surfaces. The survey edges are really great, and the 233 ppi implies the screen isn’t a pixelated wreckage regardless of the fact that it can’t hope to measure up to more costly telephones.

The back is a matte sheet of dainty plastic that peels off to uncover a removable battery and MicroSD space, alongside two SIM openings. The entire gadget feels vaporous and very nearly empty, in the same way as the fake demo cell phones that a few stores utilization. It’s no place close premium, yet for a $92 cell phone everything here is standard.

With Tizen, Samsung at long last has a cell phone OS to call its own, which places it in a position of almost Apple-esque control over everything from the outline to the internals to the product: the OS, the SoC, the screen, and the telephone body. For the Z1, however, Samsung avoided its Exynos division and ran with another person’s SoC: a 1.2GHz double center Spreadtrum SC7727S SoC. This is a Cortex A7-based CPU with an incorporated 3G modem, generally tantamount to something you’d find in a passage level Windows telephone or the Moto E. Other than the SoC, you’ve got 768MB of RAM, 4GB of capacity, a 3.15MP cam, and a 1500mAh battery.

Our Samsung Z1 is running Tizen 2.3, the most recent stable variant of the OS. Not at all like Android, Tizen has an open advancement process, and take a shot at the following form Tizen 3.0—is being carried out openly. Tizen 3.0 (the cell phone rendition) will include 64-bit and multi-client help, swap out the X Window System for Wayland, and move the Web runtime from WebKit to Crosswalk, a Google Chromium-based venture.

While there are other HTML5-based stages out there, at this time Tizen doesn’t appear to think about interoperability. The move to Crosswalk would permit engineers to compose a HTML5 application and release adaptations for Android, iOS, Chrome, and Tizen. Also for the record, Tizen presently doesn’t have any official backing for Android applic.


  • SCREEN 800×480 4.0″ LCD (233 ppi)
  • OS Tizen 2.3
  • CPU 1.2GHz dual-core Spreadtrum SC7727S (Cortex-A7)
  • RAM 768MB
  • GPU Mail 400
  • STORAGE 4GB (plus MicroSD card)
  • NETWORKING 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS
  • PORTS Micro USB 2.0, headphones
  • CAMERA 3.15MP rear camera, 0.3MP front camera
  • SIZE 120.4mm x 63.2mm x 9.7mm
  • WEIGHT 112g
  • BATTERY 1500 mAh, removable
  • STARTING PRICE $92 unlocked
  • Dual SIM slots, FM Radio, MicroSD slot, removable battery

via arstechnica.

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