Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy

Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy

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Most of the times my blogger friends keep on asking about how can i increase my website/blog traffic. Well the answer from even a Pro Blogger will be like – Dude, do a proper keyword research, Write Quality Content and Do proper On Page and Off Page Optimization of your website.


Most of us have heard these readymade lines and they are not wrong in any manner. As the quality content has been the backbone of the most successful blogs. But these days, even after writing a quality article, its really hard to get to the top on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages ) and drive traffic from Search Engines. Most pro bloggers like Amit Aggarwal, Neil Patel, Enstine Mukki, Harsh Aggrawal and Brian Dean have already put loads of quality content on their blogs and its really tough to beat them in rankings.

Whats the Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy ?

Well, i would say nothing fancy and will keep it clean. I recently saw that many a bloggers ( * this article is specifically pointing to bloggers who are using wordpress ) do write great content, but after that, they really don’t put more time in marketing it to as much people as possible.

This is because Article Marketing takes loads of time and its something most bloggers hate. It was hard for me too, as going to 10 different websites and sharing the link of the great article that i just wrote. So instead of leaving things at their place, i started figuring a way out of it, just to make the most concerned Article Marketing Super Fast and Easy.

For writing quality article, you can go through this awesome guide about On Page SEO – Complete Guide on Writing Fully SEO Optimized Article.

Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy by loudfind.com
Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy by loudfind.com

So, the solution that i found for this was a wordpress plugin called Next Scripts: Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP). What i found special about this plugin is that i could link to over 20 of my Networks where i used to go manually and share the Article Link. SNAP made it super easy for me, it took around 2 hours to setup 10 Networks and Bingo !! Things were gone AutoPilot.

Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy by Rahul Poonia
Ultimate Traffic and Link Building Strategy by Rahul Poonia

Where’s Link Building & Traffic ?

Here comes the most interesting part, even if you have got a brand new blog, you just need to Setup these few Accounts through this plugin. Then as soon as you publish an article, it will be automatically shared on 10, 15 or All accounts that you have already setup.

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If your article contains an eye catchy Image and awesome Title, definitely you’ll see sudden traffic from these websites. PS : Keep your Analytics Account Open while you publish an Article :).


Every single time you publish an article, you’ll be getting the link shared on Up to 20 Social Accounts. Social Links are very powerful as they are from High PR and Authority Websites linking back to your Articles.

Final Words : This is really great help for those who are tired of sharing their articles on different places and waste hours in just Sharing those links out. Just find the Plugin in the wordpress directory itself and Set the Demon Up.

Thats All from me, now its your time to share your thoughts about SNAP 😉 I would love to know your feedback on this article.

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