Paying Best Even to Non-Bloggers – URL Shortening for bloggers

01. November 2014 How to 0 Paying Best Even to Non-Bloggers – URL Shortening for bloggers

How Paying Best Even to Non-Bloggers ?

The internet is used to stay connected and share data and other information like images and videos with people all over the world. One other increasingly popular application of this network is making money by various forms of advertising for large scale companies.

URL shortening is now an application that is gaining popularity among people in this world. It basically is the process of reducing the space occupied by the characters in a URL. In addition to that, the links are attached to advertisements. A really famous URL shortener in the market is a European based company called

How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways on
How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways on

URL shortening for bloggers

A blogger can use to full potential for making easy money right from home without having to actually do any form of work. The procedure is really simple: the user first needs to create an account on the website; he/she can gain access to the website’s features directly by linking his/her facebook account with  The website and its features can then be used by the user to easily shorten the URL of any type of blog, irrespective of the content and the size of the blog. attaches a five second long advertisement to the shortened URL that is shown to the viewers upon clicking on the link, before taking them to the actually blog. Every view or click is recorded and the user is paid accordingly for the links that are shared.

Other uses of URL Shortening

Users other than bloggers are also allowed to use the applications of The site allows the users to also shorten content on social media like images and YouTube Videos. Apart from this the users are also given a list of referral websites. These sites are affiliated to the domain and the user can use these URLs for sharing on social media. Upon clicking these links, readers or viewers on these media are shown these advertisements.

The companies that are in the affiliated referral list will gain revenue by advertising to the people on the internet. And, the user is also given about 20% of the money gained by sharing each and every link. This enables the user to gain good amount of money, just by sharing a few links.

Payment method

The payments that are supposed to be given to the user are calculated for every thousand clicks on the website. This rate varies from $0.28 to $1.66 in different countries. This amount is given to the user on a paypal or a payoneer account with updated details to prove legitimacy.

How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways payment
How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways payment

The companies make sure that the payments are done right on time. The user will obtain these payments on the tenth of every month provided the user’s revenue reaches a minimal value of five dollars. If the user fails to reach this requirement, the money earned in a particular month is added to that of the next.

How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways on loudfind
How-to-Earn-Money-without-any-Blog-Earn-Money-Ways on loudfind

Verdict provides a highly user friendly interface that allows one to easily shorten URLs within a matter of seconds. Also, the details of the user taken are kept in a highly secure server to make sure that those details don’t fall in the wrong hands. These high quality features and excellent customer services provided make a leading website in URL Shortening.

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