Samsung Galaxy S7 – Most Awaited Smartphone of 2015 – First Look

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Most Awaited Smartphone of 2015 – First Look

Samsung Galaxy S7 – Most Awaited Smartphone of 2015 – First Look

Here comes another predecessor in the news of the very amazing and haunted Samsung’s Galaxy S series. The company has always been among the favorite of its row in the customers. People have always preferred the new features being launched in the series and it is impossible to forget about the one and move to a new genera of company.

Same in this series series, the amazing specs and features which are about to come in this device are be of the follow types:

The Specifications which are expected:

As it is quite sure that the new smartphone i.e. the Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with amazing integration of software and hardware cores we are going to witness it. As per the rumors of Galaxy S7 by our very trusted sources we will suggest, we can see 4GB RAM and 5G features with a very nice and friendly user experience for sure but still not 100% sure because there is no official announcement from the company. These are just not all what is in the row you will be able to get what you have till now not even guessed in the features and specification list of the Samsung’s new beast Galaxy S7. Although there are many more exciting features in future in which some are stated below.

Here comes another predecessor in the news of the very amazing and haunted Samsung's Galaxy S series.
Here comes another predecessor in the news of the very amazing and haunted Samsung’s Galaxy S series.

The beast also features a 4 GB ultra large main memory which we usually denote by saying RAM. Now you can imagine what is the scope of your laptop / desktops RAM and where the company will lead this beast Samsung Galxy S7 to rank upon.

Although in the current processing Right now, we don’t have any information about the processor updates for Galaxy S7 but most probably it will have 64-bit Exynos processor with 3.5 GHz processing power. We can estimate this because of the last trends which company has always provided in the milestones of the series. So, all you folks over there be ready for the lightning fast multi-tasking and very fast processing Smartphone in the row, which is sure to mesmerize you in the go.

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On other hand, as we discussing there must be something intriguing in showcase outline of Samsung Galaxy S7 and yes Samsung would take after the goals of people. You can expect 4k showcase or versatile presentation from next Galaxy S game plan cell phone. Just two years former, in Smartphone industry HTC and LG were two savage to experience the 3d showcase in their cell phone, however the response were not in backing in perspective of the 3d hindrances in the presentation and now who knows whether Samsung will bring some high determination, low use and best 3d presentation in cell phones.

Some unique specifications :

Genuine Octa-Core 3.x Ghz processor

3d 4K determination show or 2k adaptable with 5.2 inches screen


20 MP ultra low sensor

Ultra Fast Finger Print Sensor

A small scale Projector

Superfast charging battery (Charging time 5 Minutes)


Surely, a surprise is needed in cell phone industry and one year from now is going to be amazingly stunning for us. HTC is calm since long in the business part and distinctive makes are similarly going to holler uproarious and going to welcome 2015 by this amazing smartphone.

Furthermore it is important to talk about the budget too soon, because all-in-all it is your pocket where the smartphone will fit itself the smartphone seems to be quite costly and a comman man can hardly afford it.

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Although the Official releasing date of Samsung Galaxy S7 for India is not yet declared by the company. However, According to our estimates and through our sources Samsung Galaxy S7 is likely to get released in early or mid of 2015 in India but still we are not fully.


The same spec as always that the Official Price of Samsung Galaxy S7 is not yet released by the company, but there is availability of approximate prices as always it would be little costly. We set the approximate prices according to the specs of the smartphone and noticing the trend which the company follows and they are also told by some of the sources:

India : Rs 60,000

USA: $999

Canada: $999

US: $999

Denmark :6000 Danish Krone


This high-end rumour concept smartphone (called the beast of all times) with an S-OLED screen that’s really amazing and unexpected from the Samsung Galaxy array consists of a smooth and beautiful design which is quite wider and thinner than its predecessors. Having a very good and its OLED screen which makes it more unique and such exciting features, you will not only be buying a phone but also a fully capable pocket-tablet merged in a unique hardware.

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