How i ranked 2 Keywords on Google – Long Term Blogging Secrets

How i ranked 2 Keywords on Google – Long Term Blogging Secrets

How i ranked 2 Keywords on Google – Long Term Blogging Secrets

First of all, i would like to thank all the sweet friends in my Contact List. Also, i would mention the Two Keywords that i Ranked my Articles for. The thing is that i don’t believe in targeting a specific Keyword, instead i mix up 3 or 4 Keywords [ which have healthy monthly visitor flow ].

# Don’t Waste time on Keyword Research

If you are running for Proper Keyword Research to get more Visitors, then you are doing it all wrong and wasting lot of your precious time. Instead look for whats Hot and Most Discussed Topics in your niche and get Keyword Ideas in Just Few Seconds.

How i ranked 2 Keywords on Google - Long Term Blogging Secrets on loudfind
How i ranked Keywords on Google Long Term Blogging Secrets on loudfind

My Strategy for the recent Article that i Ranked on Search Engines

I am a tech Blogger, and the recent article was about the latest Android Version Lollipop 5.0 Update. You can see this article for better understanding – Android Lollipop 5.0 – Turn Your Smartphone to Best Android Phone with Latest Version.

I saw an update from Google Android Developers about this Latest Version, and the people who were discussing on this Thread was quite unexpected. That gave me an idea to write about Android Lollipop 5.0 Update. This time i didn’t go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool to get Ideas, but i dived into the discussion to see what the Users actually want to read.

Crush is – targeting single keyword simply means you are restricting other Searches that happen on Search Engines.

Don’t be afraid to see a keyword that is of high Competition, because Any Keyword that shows high Competition, is always searched the most in Search Engines. The thing to keep in mind here is, instead of going for the exact keyword, use some other words with it too.

# Moving On to Article Writing

From there, i came up with 3-4 Awesome keywords that i targeted in whole of the article, and started writing the article containing approx. 500 – 700 Words [ Average Article Length, as short articles are no longer being ranked as compared to healthy Articles ] with Perfect On Page SEO, i always score above 90% in On Page SEO and i don’t have any back-links [ just to tell you how powerful On Page SEO only is ].

For On Page SEO, i just follow the Infographics that i created on my Own to Score above 90% always.

Awesome Infographics On Page SEO Download on loudfind
Awesome Infographics On Page SEO Download on loudfind



I also use the WordPress All in One SEO plugin to make sure i have Keyword in the Meta Tags, Meta Description. Other than On Page SEO, you should also include good quality images & embed a video too, that will help Search Engines Rely Upon your Article.

Strategy for the Keyword ” Most Awaited Gadgets “

Well, some things were different when i planned to rule First Page for a Keyword on Search Engines. Although the keyword doesn’t have Massive Searches according to the Keyword Planner Tool, still it drives good traffic to loudfind. Also i didn’t specifically target the single Keyword Most Awaited Gadgets, but i used a Mix of Keywords that ended up driving results from other Keywords that Users Mostly Search in Google & Other Search Engines.

I’m ranking on First Page of Search Engines for these all keywords – “Most Awaited Gadget”, “Most Awaited Gadgets”, “Most Awaited Gadgets 2015”, “Most Anticipated Gadgets of 2015”, “Awaited Gadgets”, “Awaited OS”, “Most Awaited OS”, “awaited Windows” and much more.

So don’t just target single keywords to restrict other Search Queries and Keywords.

Off Page Considerations to Get on Search Engines

# Use Webmasters to Submit new Articles to Google Fast, also never forget other Search Engines like Yahoo & Bing etc. To index to all Search Engines, you can use Google Ping or Some Other tool of your interest.

# Use Social Networks to Support Rankings for your Article. I wasn’t a big fan of Google Plus Network, but since i see the impact of sharing it on Google Plus, i am a proud Fan of it. I do share every article i write, on Google Plus, that pushes my Articles to Top on Search Engines.

# Don’t use Article Submission Websites for first few Days of writing Article. As long as you start getting good direct organic traffic from a keyword, wait for some time [ maybe 2-3 days or even a week ], after that only you should use Article Submission Websites. Because when user will search for the keywords that you have used, it will always show those websites which you have submitted the article to.

Also, i keep updating blogging tips on my Group Bloggers Union on Facebook, you can join this group and learn & Share Pro Blogging Tips.

Thank you all for standing by and reading this article, Please Share & Comment if you like this Article 🙂

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