$ How to Make Money Online – Ways to Earn Money Fast Online

$ How to Make Money Online – Ways to Earn Money Fast Online

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I recently heard someone saying If it doesn’t make money, it doesn’t make sense. Money makes people happy and helps them manage a good lifestyle. Everyone looks for Ways to Earn Money Fast Online, but most of them do not understand the truth behind Making Money Online Fast Way.Today in my article “$ How to Make Money Online – Ways to Earn Money Fast Online“, i will share some of the most valuable breadcrumbs of Making Money Online through Website or Blog plus Affiliate Marketing.

Ok, we are good to go now, lets jump into it :

# How Much Can You Invest to Make $100 a month ?

I recently attended National Achievers Conference in New Delhi, India, A Seminar by Most Valuable Business Gurus of the World- including Robert Kiyosaki [ author of Rich Dad Poor Dad ] along with his wife, JT FOXX [ World’s #1 Wealth Coach ] Peng Joon [ Voted #1 Video Marketer ], Dr. Rohan WeeraSinghe [ Global Property Investment Guru ] and many More…

The things i learnt from these Gurus all around the world, One thing i noticed was, they were periodically asking this question from the public, How Much Can You Invest to Make Handsome Money per MonthJT FOXX, in personal meet said “Go Big OR Go Home”, Afterwords he advised people to BE A SPENDER, NOT A SAVER.

Now ask the question How Much Can You Invest to Make $100 a month ? to yourself, if you really want to make as low as $100 a month, then forget it without investing at least $10.

how to make money online fast way to earn money loudfind
how to make money online fast way to earn money loudfind

# How Much Money Do You Make Online Now ?

Looks awkward, but this is an important step to know where are you standing right now so that you can plan things accordingly. Just ask yourself How much money do i make online now ?

If your answer is somewhere below $500 per month, then you should definitely continue reading this article and implement the things i am going to share with you today.

Universal Truth : Making Money Online starts with an investment and grows with your Time and Money you put into it. This investment can be as low as $10 to start with, and make you earn handsome money in just few days.

# Where Should You Start From ?

So, you really want to make it happen just like i do, lets waste no time and talk MONEY.

Well, your journey starts with understanding the market and your target audience as well as understanding the behavior of the companies that will Make you money Online the Fast way. This process takes about 3-4 hours and you can learn this online from some good articles available related to “$ How to Make Money Online – Ways to Earn Money Fast Online“.

I found a really helpful article on basic Setup for this at : http://www.dearblogger.org/review-site

( Just because there’s no use of writing the same things again and again that already exists )

If you go through the link i provided, you will grab most of the concepts about website setup, but to make money out of it, let me continue :-

# Who will Pay You the Money ?

If you are writing awesome content on your blog, you will definitely get lots of attraction from the people out there on internet and that will end up in Very good rankings, these rankings will further help you tell the world how good you are.

Most of the Companies that will be paying you Money Online will look for Alexa Rankings and Authority of your Blog or Website. If you manage to get Good Alexa rank by writing Genuine and Awesome Content, you are almost done.

VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE : Alexa Rank Boost Up Strategy – How I Got Alexa Rank below 3Lac in just 22 Days

# How Much Money can You Make Online ?

Ok, if you have got Alexa Rankings below 1 Lac [ 0.1 Million ], then most of the companies are happy to pay you $5-$20 per article you write about their services and products or it could be the Company Review itself.

If you Write minimum of 2 Articles a day on an average of $10, then you definitely will make Approx. $600 in a month, and that is not a bad Amount for an investment of Only 40-50 Dollars.

The answer to the question is straight, as told before, Money will grow with the Time and Money you put into it. One of you may take it to a Whole New Level or Ruin his blog or website in the same Time and Money Investment.

# Smart & Easy Tips on Monetizing Your Blog / Website

We are talking money today and if i forget monetizing, this article will be incomplete.

#1 Google Adsense Program

As a proud user of Google Adsense Program for Monetizing my Blog [ not a big fan though ] , i would recommend you to apply for this program and start monetizing the visitors come to your Blog or Website to read good stuff. If you are following along the steps mentioned above, no one can stop you getting approved for Google Adsense.

VERY HELPFUL ARTICLE : Make Money Online – get Google Adsense Approval in just 8 Days – part2

You may be asking How to make money with Google Adsense Program ?, the answer is dead simple, once you are approved for the program, put the code blocks they provide on different parts of your website. including the sidebar, the Main Header area and most importantly Inside the Articles you write.

#2 Amazon Associates Program

This has been consistently a really good Affiliate Program that you can rely upon. Amazon is an E-Commerce Website [ doesn’t need introduction ]. If you are getting good number of Visitors on your Blog or Website, you may refer them to Amazon through the Associate Link they provide, and Any purchase your referred person makes, you will get a Good %age of it. Sounds Awesome and Simple.

#3 Direct Approach of Money Making

You can now start approaching companies all over the world and 70-80 % of them would be happy to avail a Review about their products and Services, and will pay you the amount ranging from $5-$20 each article you write about them.

Finally Some Proven Tips and Suggestions :

#1 Be Active in Social Networks and Build an Awesome Audience and Fan Base with your Awesome Work.

#2 Never Try to fool your readers, this one mistake can result in a big loss of your Returning Visitors.

#3 Write quality guest posts on some high PR Websites, that will help you drive visitors through the backlink you provide there. [ this also helps increasing your blog rank ]

#4 Avoid SiteWide links as they may result in Spam Backlink list according the New Google Update.

#5 Manually Keep Commenting Periodically in High Authority relevant Forums and Websites to generate quality backlinks. You may smartly get Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks from them.

Believe in yourself and Make History, Best Of Luck


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    Ankit on October 22, 2014 Reply

    Thanks sir for sharing the great article of make money online, I also started following these tricks and now i am making good amount online, Thanks so much 🙂

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    @disqus_vfRowGbr2S:disqus I really appreciate your time you put on reading this article, will love to hear your stories on Money making, see you around !!

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    I really wanna thank you for providing such a good article. yuo, alexa rank less than 1 lakh get paid articles for good amount and thanks for your tips 😀

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      @mohangonnabathula:disqus, You are Most Welcome, just shared the truth about Making Money Online, these steps work for all.. Share your story too..

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