iLens | Apple iGlasses – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2015

iLens | Apple iGlasses – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2015

iLens | Apple iGlasses – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2015

Welcome back tech geeks to the Most Anticipated Tech Gadget from Apple till Now – the Apple iLens, formerly known as Apple iGlasses. This definitely is going to be the Gadget of the Year 2015.

What Apple iGlasses Can Do For You ?

All things considered, have you ever envisioned how would it feel in the event that you get to rest with Katy Parry [ Just to name a Star ] or Barack Obama ?

The Apple ilens has the ability to change the looks of the individual that you will be resting today, how cool is that ?

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You will be seeing any star getup that you need and there are thousands to specify, however it will just change the looks of the individual you are resting with, not the individual itself, so mind what you talk before you are tossed out of room by your accomplice.

iLens | Apple iGlasses - Most Anticipated Gadget of 2015
iLens | Apple iGlasses – Most Anticipated Gadget of 2015

In addition, you will never miss a thing to be caught. Whatever you see happening around you, will consequently be put away on the iCloud or some other distributed storage motor of your decision like dropbox. So now you don’t need to get the telephone out of your pocket, open it and turn the cam on to catch a minute. The Apple iGlasses will do it for you in a flicker of an eye – thats inconceivable.

Apple announced the launch of the iGlasses as known as iLens, a smart Gadget that works like the Google Glass but “better” according to James Milton, an Apple representative.

The iLens costs $299 for 64GB and $499 for 124GB, and Apple hopes it will compliment the iWatch and iPhone.

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Play Candy Crush or Football or watch Live Matches from anywhere in the world, and no one will notice what you are up to, You can browse emails, read messages, use WhatsApp and Do lot more without letting other people what you are actually doing.

Most of the Present iOS Apps will be able to be running with the iLens, and there are news that Apple will significantly launch some other apps, specially to use with the Apple iLens.

The iLens will be released May 2015 with the iLens Air model late 2015. or you can head over to Apple’s Official Website for latest news related to it.

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    thehouseofho on January 25, 2015 Reply

    This is not a real product. Apple never made this announcement. The only mention of a so-called “iLens” is from a satirical news site called The Daily Currant.

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