How to do blogging from scratch to $100,000 for beginners

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How to do blogging from scratch to $100,000 for beginners

hello loudfind users,

today, i will share my 4 years blogging experience with you all

i see many a blogging geeks messing with finding the perfect way to start blogging and make $100,000 dollar blog, right from their bedroom. So, i planned to show these people a handy and powerful way in direction to the next big web blog. As per my experience of recent 4 years on blogging, i know what hurdles a newbie blogger may face, and to be genuine with you guys, i don’t want you to go through the long way i went to blogging success. So here are few really awesome tips, which will obviously make you think back and start blogging in the right direction.

Consider these 5 steps and no one can stop you from being the next big blogger.

Step 1. Do not buy a Domain name

It may seem a bit weird to any of the blogger, but still i would suggest you not to buy any domain name before you have clear understanding of what you are going to write / blog about. I have seen people going directly to godaddy or Hostgator [ just to name a few ], and fill their bank accounts with more and more $$$. But, think about it – if you really want a $100,000 dollar web blog, the thing that you must consider first is “what should i write about ?”.


If you are not sure, what should i start with, then go with some third party niche suggestion service i.e. google webmaster tools and find a category for your blog. Again to get more crisp with the idea, go find some greatest keywords which are being searched through the Search Engines. Take time and be ready for the next step.

Step 2. Now, its time to Buy a domain name

A domain name is what your audience will be heading to once you are ready and set. A good domain name consists of 3 – 20 characters + easy to type + easily memorable + relating to website content + easy to pronounce. If you take a look back at all these 5 things, you will end up with a domain name specifying what your website is all about.


Once you are done with the domain name precisely, its time to move on to the most important final 3 steps. So lets jump straight to those.

Step 3. Host your web blog | Don’t even think about FREE hosting providers

Your million dollar web blog may not be visible to the world until you host your website to a hosting service provider. Now question is – why not free hosting ?

Well, i have had an experience of both FREE and PAID hosting providers since 2010 and i can confidentially say NO to free hosting providers. These free hosting providers are the worst idea to implement to a great web blog. If you have planned to take your blog to a whole new world, you might arrange a few bucks for hosting it somewhere safe. Most hosting providers are giving it away for $2 – $20 per month. I prefer it to call an investment rather an expense, because this is the place where most bloggers fail and can’t get their web blog to that level.

Step 4. Choose a good Content Management System [ CMS ]

A CMS is what makes websites look awesome and makes a blog ready within as less as 5 minutes. I would recommend you to go for WordPress, if you are looking straight for a Web Blog. WordPress provides thousands of free customizable templates for your blog to give it a good start.


Along with all this, WordPress has been best choice for bloggers all around the world. WordPress has thousands of plugins which makes things easier for you. They will connect your blog to all social networks i.e. Facebook, Yahoo, Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.

So, don’t waste time doing research on what CMS to use, set yourself up with wordpress and you are almost done. Moving to the final part of the tutorial :

Step 5. Write Genuine Content

Content is everything that a blog relies upon, so do not think to copy from someone and start writing your own genuine content. By genuine, i mean it should be properly written with proper tags and keywords, otherwise this silly content will stop you moving towards the million $ dollar web blog. If your blog found containing other website’s data, you are back to the ground. So make strict decision not to copy anything from anywhere. You may take a look, how most of the best bloggers are writing and follow their pattern but not content.

If you will keep writing genuine content with an average of 250 words per post on a regular basis, then you will automatically start getting awesome visitors and then you can simply ask google to approve your adsense account.

Once you are approved by google for adsense, follow their instructions on fitting their ads to your blog and  check your account for your first earning.

Note : – Once you choose and start writing about a topic, don’t change your mind to anything else.


Soon, you will thank us for this information with a snapshot of your earnings. Best Of Luck Bloggers *


for more help on this topic, you can ask me anytime ! 🙂

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