How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD in just 5 days

How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD in just 5 days

Good to see you, again 🙂

It started with an Idea, actually. I did never try Event Blogging before in my 3 Years Blogging Experience, but this time, I actually didn’t have to do anything Serious other than blogging. So i just did a quick Keyword Research, Wrote an Awesome Article about Good Friday 2015 and Built some high quality backlinks, which result in $$$ overnight without an EMD (Exact Match Domain).

This is what every second blogger tells about Events, but as i’m not one of those Crap, i’ll let you know each and Every single thing Very precisely and Explain every bit of it, so that everyone can grab the exact thing i want to let you know. “Emotional Atyachaar ;)”

The things that i am going to discuss are in a step by step manner, as i went through it.

How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD
How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD

# Domain Name

This is perhaps the most important thing to consider before thinking of any event, because almost over 50% people fail here only, so they can get to rank for any keyword and don’t even reach 10+ Realtime Visitors.

What should a domain name be like ?

Buy an expired domain, with good DA and Link Metrics. DA (Domain Authority must be above 30) and Links should not be from Fraud, Adult, Gambling Sites previously. If you already have a 30+ DA domain, you are good to go with it, don’t need to buy any EMDs.

Where should it be hosted ?

I was a big fan of HostGator Servers, till Good Friday, but now i won’t recommend it, as at 150 Realtime Visitors it started showing Errors, that lead to Massive Decrease in Traffic. Better Try BlueHost OR Digital Ocean (Recommended by Most Bloggers).

# Event & Keyword Research

If you are not a PRO at Link Building, don’t try to rank for Huge Events like Valentines Or New Year, because the number of backlinks your competitors will be having are lot more in that case and Everyone is behind those events.

Better see a list of Events or Festivals with around 1 Lac Monthly Searches and Less Competitive. It may be regional(like Pongal ) or International (like Good Friday 😉 ).

# Write an Awesome Article

Once you have found you target to hit, just start working the HardCore way. First, do proper On Page SEO ( you know how to do it, or else See how i do On Page SEO ). Right after publishing the Article, take a look back for any errors or things that you may have missed. Put at least 4-5 Images with short and sweet title and alt tags with keyword in it.

My Main Source of Traffic on this Event was through Images. Pay more attention to image SEO as ranking for images, is far easy than that of Keywords.

# Link Building

Unlike most bloggers ( those who don’t enjoy link building ), i am fond of it as i know how to do it in an Exciting Manner, and that to from Awesome HIGH PR and Authority Websites Using Web 2.0 Websites.

Never build links the the Article you just wrote, instead go to the Web 2.0 Sites, Create accounts ( if not there yet ) and start grabbing the Link Juice from those websites. Also i have a good list of CommentLuv Enabled Blogs for Commenting, that i use to build good Comment Backlinks for Article Itself. I did a total of 15 Comments for Good Friday. Also if possible create some Profile Backlinks, as they’re good source of getting Link Juice.

All your Web 2.0 links will be indexed within 28 hours.

Do these things before 4-5 days of the Event. Believe Yourself while working, After that Sit Back and Capture ScreenShots of Realtime Visitors to your blog.

PS : When you are Ranked, Press “PrtScr Button on Windows” Machine & “CMD+Shift+4 on MacOSx” to Capture ScreenShots 😛


Finally what everyone would be Exited to see when the Event Ends. Yep, the Money !!

Here’s a Screenshot of 2 days Earnings with this Event.

How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD
How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD


If you want to know something else about it, Comment below & i’ll be happy to help you 🙂

8 thoughts on “How i Ranked for Good Friday 2015 Without EMD in just 5 days”

  • 1
    MHTareq on April 5, 2015 Reply

    Really very informative article. Thank For This.

    • 2
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on April 6, 2015 Reply

      Good to see you over here, I’m glad you like my efforts.

      I’ll be sharing awesome stuff always on Loudfind regarding blogging, keep coming 😛

  • 3
    Dixit Dhinakran on April 5, 2015 Reply

    nicely explained bro! And most of the bloggers lack on link building. And you sai you’ve used web 2.0 so if you don’t mind can you share a post link building with web 2.0 clearly. That can help everyone for sure and they too can follow your coolest method

    • 4
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on April 6, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Dixit,

      Definitely i’ll share some awesome ways of Link Building with WEB2.0 Websites very soon, as its not something that i could cover completely within this article.

      Keep looking around for Awesome stuff 🙂

  • 5
    Hanuman on April 6, 2015 Reply

    Thanks a lot bro, its a really good post. Everyone must read it carefully 🙂

    • 6
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on April 6, 2015 Reply

      Everyone must not only read it, coz thats of no use for anyone, Better Implement these strategies, so that you can get on top of google very soon.

      Thanks for taking time to comment, 😉

  • 7
    Dhruba on April 6, 2015 Reply

    Web 2.0 is the best and cool way to bulid backlinks because Google gives importance to it.

    • 8
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on April 6, 2015 Reply

      Absolutely Dhruba,

      This worked for me as well and is really great to get some good Contextual Backlinks to our Website to pass the Link Juice.

      It takes not more than an hour to build some high quality contextual backlinks from these sites, you can get a list of these Web2.0 website from Google 🙂

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