How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up

How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up

How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up

Wonder how I did it ? Well i was also surprised to see the results for my Niche Website that i started back in February 2015. This is a complete Beginner Guide on how i drove over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months of Starting Up of a Niche Website. And if you see the Website Traffic Images, you’ll find out that the Traffic has dramatically Increased over a short span of time.

One more thing i would like to clear here that i haven’t paid anyone in this world for any SEO of this Niche Website. So, you can also do it by following the exact Strategies i used for this Niche Website Success. This is going to be really helpful for the Bloggers who are struggling with Low Traffic or even NO Traffic at all.

Now, 3 Months Are Enough for Making a Website Successful. Start today, follow these strategies and Be Successful.

How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up
How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up

Here is how i went from 10-20 Visitors to a whooping 2000 Visitors per day :-

  • Select a Profitable Niche :

This is where every single blogger struggles while he is new in this industry and don’t know about possibilities of the Niche that he gets into. Most of my Friends are Tech Bloggers, just like i was before 3 years, but i left it because this was not what i wanted to do all the time. After 1 year it ended up with healthy traffic, still i quit it and started looking out for better options.

This is where i came to know about How Powerful Niche Blogging and Micro Niche Blogging were. By now, i have worked on more than 10 different niche blogs and the one that i am showing here today has been the fastest of all to reach 1,00,000 page views in first 3 Months. And believe me or not, this is just because of selection of the Niche that i worked upon.

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How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting-Up
How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting-Up
  • Write SEO Optimized Article(s) :

This part is crucial too, if you are running short of the knowledge of Proper On Page and Off Page SEO then i would suggest you to learn it first. Otherwise you won’t survive in blogging and will have to quit blogging because you will not be successful without Proper SEO.

You can learn Search Engine Optimization Basics Here.

  • How often do you Publish Article(s) :

No one exactly knows what timings are best for Publishing Articles, still when the Pro Bloggers say that “A SPECIFIC” time is best to publish article. They say it on the basis of their experience(s). I am lazy in writing articles for all of my blogs, but when i started this Niche Website, i was in mood to do something really good with it. So i asked a local friend of mine to do the job. She was free those days, so she delivered 2 articles to me on daily basis with around 500 Words.

In the starting of March Month, i kept on publishing 3-4 articles on the website daily. After then, My friend got some other stuff to do, so i just published 2 Articles with Proper SEO per day. Till April, i was not concerning the Publishing Timings to be effective. But now i thought to try it, so i published those articles on Specific time daily. 1st Article went Online in the Morning at 7AM and the Another at 5PM in the Evening. I did this for almost 1 month and BAMMMM !!. The results are awesome and the traffic went high like a Tide in the Sea.

Out of these 1,00,000 PageViews, more than 70,000 PageViews are from last 30 days.

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  • Making Money with Niche Websites :

I am only using Google Adsense to monetize this Niche Website, Now planning for Affiliate Networks to Include along with Adsense.

From this website only, i have started getting $5-$8 per day with Google Adsense Only. As the traffic increases, it will be more fun to work on it and Make some $$$ with this website. Also i am going to create 5-10 more of the same Niche Websites with the same Strategies i used on this one.

Final Words : In the very first 3 Months, i published around 250 Articles on that Niche Website and also built some links back from High Authority Websites. Now the traffic has been consistently increasing and i have also started getting Organic Backlinks from other Webmasters.

I would love to hear your Thoughts on This Article, Please take a moment and Say something about my Efforts.

3 thoughts on “How I Drove Over 1,00,000 PageViews in Just 3 Months Of Starting Up”

  • 1
    Blunt Man on May 31, 2015 Reply

    Hello Rahul,

    I would love to be blunt here. This article is a real mediocre article with nothing to add. You said about selecting a profitable niche, writing seo-optimized article, posting them timely and monetizing with adsense.

    Most if the people who want to venture into niche blog gets stuck right at selecting niche, especially a profitable one.

    So I would love if you can shed some light on how to find and select a profitable niche.

    What I feel about this article is that its going to end up as a case-study – “How I drove 1 Lakh visitors, thousands of social activity on single blog post without actually writing anything worthy or full of knowledge?”

    • 2
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on June 1, 2015 Reply

      Hello Blunt Man,

      First of all, thanks for taking time to write such a good suggestion. I have planned for it already, so everyone will get it in the next article about choosing a profitable niche.

      You are right, without niche selection, i would have not achieved this good results. So i will be sharing every bit of it very soon. See you around.


      • 3
        JustAnotherKnowItAll on July 2, 2015 Reply

        Blunt Man,
        What Rahul wants to tell you, use a good keyword research tool to find average, daily / monthly searches for keywords. Find a balance between something people are looking for (keyword) and competition from others to rank for it. (who falls in the first 10 search results) Then make a rock solid site in WordPress written around amazing, unique content, exploiting those keywords. Then toss in some long tail keywords. Read… Read… Read… Go to a good site to do so. Try Google for that matter…

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