√ How to Get on First Page of Google – Rank A Keyword on Google

√ How to Get on First Page of Google – Rank A Keyword on Google

How to Get on First Page of Google – Complete Beginner Guide

Welcome back guys,

I’m writing this article after having many of my Blogger Friends asking me how i got on the First Page of Google and Ranked my article Most Awaited Gadget of 2015 – Apple iPhone 6 Air – First look up to Third Place on the First Page of Google.

This is a complete beginner guide, and you might be knowing many  a things i am going to explore, so bare with me guys.

Ranking on Google First Page for a keyword is in some cases a Way too far Easy, but on the other hand, its damn Hard and will take months of Hard plus Smart Work.


How to Get on First Page of Google - Complete Beginner Guide
How to Get on First Page of Google – Complete Beginner Guide

# What should i do as a Beginner ?

i could just straight answer to this question that go out on Google and Look for some Videos and Tutorials on “How to Get on First Page of Google” but that seems like diving into a Sea to find a Coin, right ?

If you think its right, then continue reading this article, otherwise you can dive into Google and Definitely you will come up with something more Appropriate than what i know..

# Write down list of Targeted Keywords

Strategy is : first of all, directly jumping into the Admin Panel and writing yet another article, plan few things, that will help you keep in the Unique Content Writers or Bloggers List. Start with writing down few keywords related to your Blog Niche [ i usually don’t write things, but i think about these ].

# Narrow Down Your Article Keywords

From the list of Keywords that you have written down, look at all of them from the User / Visitor point of view and way of Searching. You will definitely come up narrowing down your lines to 3 or 4 keywords that a User will be Searching for. You can see the Article Title [ link given above ] for demonstration.

# Take Help on Working Online Tools

There are few tools that i would like to mention and recommend [ as i personally use them for Keyword Research ]. Google Adwords tool is great tool for Keyword Planning. You can Enter the keyword that you would like to write about and then it will revert with Audience Graphs for that Specific Keyword and related Keywords As Well.

By Using this tool, you will get an idea of the Total Visits and Competition for that Specific Keyword. [ high competition takes several days smart work ], So if you want to make it fast and see yourself on the First Page of Google just like i did with One of My Article, then look for Low Competitive Keywords. I did it and within 24 Hours, i was on the First Page of Google, Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.

# Use Proper Meta Tags and Description [ Time for SEO  ]

While writing the article, these are the most proven tips that Helps in Ranking that Keyword by Search Engines. So Use proper Meta tags with describing Meta Description. Use different H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6 plus Font Styling like Bold, Italic, Underline and Most important Strike-Through.

# Finally Share it Out on Google Plus & Facebook

Now once you have written your article about a specific keyword its time to tell the outside world about your work. What option can be better than Social Media ? Go for it, First get it Indexed if faster with Google Webmaster Tools, then Share it on Google Plus [ Most Important Technique ] and Get Readers from Facebook as well.

One more thing, if you can manage to get 3-4 good Comments form your Blogger Friends or Anyone else, it would push it faster to top of Google. This concludes our discussion on “√ How to Get on First Page of Google – Rank A Keyword on Google

Best Of Luck, See you on Google

9 thoughts on “√ How to Get on First Page of Google – Rank A Keyword on Google”

  • 1
    Pallab kayal on October 25, 2014 Reply

    Hmm! Rahul very well crafted post. Yep ranking in first page – sounds like gigantic to many bloggers but hey look at this how easy it can be. So smooth and simple. I admit that i knew this but never implement properly. But from now I’ll take it seriously.

    • 2
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on October 25, 2014 Reply

      @pallabkayal:disqus right dude, Things are lot simpler once understood properly, Ranking a Keyword is not that hard if we follow the Guidelines properly..
      Thanks for standing by, share your success stories on loudfind soon.. Best Of Luck 🙂

  • 3
    Mohan Gonnabathula on October 28, 2014 Reply

    Yup,,, you shared a post which is required now. everyone i earching for this kind of posts and thank for the tips

    • 4
      Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on October 29, 2014 Reply

      Right Mohan, these are proven tips that i also implemented and got on First Page of Google !! You can do it too.. Best Of Luck

      • 5
        Mohan Gonnabathula on October 29, 2014 Reply

        Yup.. These are proven tips. Thanks for your best of luck 😀

  • 7
    Adithya Sp on October 30, 2014 Reply

    Here are the best tips to Rank best on google!

  • 9
    Loudfind - Rahul Poonia on November 18, 2014 Reply

    I’m glad that you found it helpful Simar.. Stay tuned for more updates on being on First Results on Search Engines..

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