#Flipkart Big Billion Day #Fraud – Total Wastage of Time 6th October 2014

06. October 2014 Tech Guides 2
#Flipkart Big Billion Day #Fraud – Total Wastage of Time 6th October 2014
welcome back guys and lets see how #Flipkart is doing Fake Activities on their Website today on 6th October, 2014.Before few days, the Big Online Shopping Portal #Flipkart.com shared stuff about Big Billion Day Event to be launched on 6th October 2014, But failed to satisfy customers all around the world.

flipkart big billion day gone wrong sale loudfind
flipkart big billion day gone wrong sale loudfind

As soon as the Big Billion Day started by Flipkart, people started visiting their website on huge amount at 8AM. What people saw there was, Most of the products were Out Of Stock from Starting, which Flipkart was showing again and again in the advertisements all around the internet and through Digital and News Media. Thousands of people started looking for other offers i.e. Pen Drive for Just Rs. 1, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for just Rs. 1183(approx.), Apple iPod for Rs. 12,500(approx) etc. but after putting 1-2 hours for a single product to buy from Flipkart, they ended up with Lots of Time Wasting, and no Product in their hands.

#Flipkart Fooling Customers From 8AM on 6th October 2014

After many efforts customers ended up with nothing purchased, After each Refresh, the Server Error was occurring on Flipkart Website. Some of the people started right at 8 AM and even at 11 AM, they were unable to understand why the Hell, they are not getting any purchases made.

#Flipkart Product Price Changing

I personally wanted to buy a tablet from #Flipkart, but even after 5-6 login attempts through Facebook, Google and Direct Signup, i was not able to login to Flipkart. Suddenly i saw the Price Changed with Rs. 1000 and still no option to buy the product. This made me write about it and i can personally say that this was the Big Time Wastage of Thousands of people on 6th October 2014, we won’t forget this day.

#Flipkart Wasting Time of Customers

flipkart-fraud-loudfind big billion day sale
flipkart-fraud-loudfind big billion day sale

Maybe you will call me a fool, because i wasted 2 hours of my life on Fake Buying Experience from Flipkart. But what about the Millions of people out there who did the same, are they all Fool ? or Flipkart is trying to make them.

#Flipkart Reputation Downgraded

Every Second friend of mine is complaining about this Fraudulent Activity from #Flipkart and hence the reputation of this Big Online Shopping Portal #Flipkart has fallen down on a drastic level. This may result in Customer Annoyance and definetly #Flipkart is going to loose customers for Next Coming Days and Months or it could even continue till Years. Final Words : Don’t Waste time on Buying Products Today on #Flipkart Note : this article is just a personal recommendation to the Users of Loudfind from the Authors and do not intent to blame to any Company or Organization.

2 thoughts on “#Flipkart Big Billion Day #Fraud – Total Wastage of Time 6th October 2014”

  • 1
    Mohan on October 6, 2014 Reply

    I heard this news today. Many flipkart customers are disappointed.

    • 2
      rahulpoonia01 on October 6, 2014 Reply

      Yeah, thousands of people wasted time walking around the #Flipkart Website and did not get anything at all..

      I think the sale was just for fun, and #Flipkart Valuation is degraded on a huge level.. other Online Shopping websites will get
      benefitted with this activity..

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