How to become an Extremely Good Programmer?

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How to become an Extremely Good Programmer?

Hey Programmers, today i am going to suggest you some cool ways on How to become an Extremely Good Programmer?

If you are planning to learn programming or just started learning programming or you know how to program, then you must know the techniques that would help you out in a really awesome manner to program better applications or games.

So the first thing you might know that what are the best practices in becoming a “Better than Others” Programmer.


Do you think hard work is going to help you out??

The answer may be what is your definition to HardWork. If you think typing the code you learnt one or two days ago, again and again will make you an awesome programmer, then you are missing something. You must know how you have to practice the code plus try to do something new every time you sit to program.


Now this is the best medicine for a programmer, that helps him concentrate on the programming and after One hour of Meditation daily, it helps you in developing better code and you can do wonders.

  • WALK-Outs

Just don’t get so addicted to programming or anything else, that makes your family look for a Hospital for you. Instead, take some rest plus go for shopping at least Three to Four times in a week. That keeps you active, healthy and gets you engaged in society, which is very important for any individual.


If you are learning programming somewhere, and you are spending much of your time on watching tutorials on internet or you are just walking through the book pages, then you must get a change. Just try to Code More and Study Less. Do not just leave studying, but make yourself keep coding much time, as Coding is the practice that gives ERROR, but study doesn’t, and as we all know, people learn more from their mistakes.


The syntax of any program is just a way to show it off somewhere, but the main thing is where and when to use the syntax. For that just try to get the Concepts of Programming Cleared first, Once you know the concept, the syntax is a “Within a Week” process. If you want or need to switch to any other programming language, then the syntax won’t help you, but the Concept will.

Further try to make a your circle of people, who are in the same field of study that you are in. That gives you timely inspirations and you get a zest to develop programs with them.

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