Most awesome android apps for your android smartphone

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Today i am going to share with you some most awesome android apps that are getting popularity day by day and becoming the most used and liked apps around the android community.

The reason i am sharing these with you in the late 2014 is pretty simple. I saw many of my friends asking for what are some great applications that we can get for our android smartphone. Android is an Operating System from Google Inc. and you can find all these apps on the Play Store [ Application Store from Google Inc. ] for download or install.

So here are the apps that users are getting more and more involved :-

1. Whats App


if i say Whats App to be the most used app around the world, then i may not be wrong. Since facebook has taken control over Whats App, its got huge response from the users and is now the must have application for Social Connections. You may find each and every Android User using Whats App.

Whats App lets you connect with your friends and family with ease and has a very beautiful interface for sharing Messages, Pictures, Files, Video Clips and Documents. You also have a wide variety of Icons and Stickers which make Conversations super easy and entertaining.

Price : You can get Whats App free for One Year, but small amount is charged after first year.

You can get Whats App here :

2. Temple Run: Oz

I can bet you have already heard about Temple Run, haven’t you ? Right, this Arcade plus Free Running game has got so much popularity among the gamers on android devices that now you probably will find this game installed in every next Android Smartphone.

Temple Run loudfind-android-game
Temple Run loudfind-android-game

You start running from a temple taking a Ghost behind you and reach a never ending Road of death. You face hurdles over which you have to Jump or Slide or move Left and Right collecting points to buy products from the in-built store.

Price : This game is worth Rs. 124/_ [ while i am writing this article ].

You will find Temple Run: Oz here :

3. Need for Speed Most Wanted :

Need for speed android game
Need for speed android game

This is a car racing game having absolutely incredible graphics and one of the best gaming interface for an awesome gaming experience. Need for Speed [ NFS ] is in markets since many years and the developers of this game are absolute Pros. They have an experience of over 10 years in game making and for sure they know how to please the user.

This is a paid game and already been installed in between 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 as per the Google Play Store Statistics till today. 

Price : Rs. 300/_

You can download this game from here :


credits : Google Play Store


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    Arshi Khan on September 25, 2014 Reply

    nice app list, thanks

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      rahulpoonia01 on September 25, 2014 Reply

      thank you for showing interest, @Arshi Khan.
      We will try to make things even better for a super awesome user experience, Stay Connected !

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