5 Common Android Problems with Solutions

5 Common Android Problems with Solutions

5 Common Android Problems with Solutions

In this article, we will discuss the 5 most common android problems and their solutions. This will save a lot of time if you already know when you are stuck with any of these 5 common problems. As we know Android has become the most popular Operating System in the world. Their are millions of people using android smartphones and android gadgets on daily basis.

#Here are the 5 Most Common Android Problems with Solutions:

This list contains the most occurred problem on top and the rest below in an descending order. I have gone through one of these prob and that was time consuming until I came to know the solution.

How to take screenshots on Android Device?

When I first bought my android device, I was not even aware of this feature. After a month or two I came to know that I actually can do take screenshots with some simple key combinations. Then I found that with the combination on Power Key and the Home Button, I could capture my Android Screen.

How to take screenshot in Android Smartphone

There are many android apps as well for taking screenshots in the Google Play Store, but I always prefer the build in key combination to quickly capture a screenshot on the go.

How to Manage Device Storage for Better Performance?

This is the most fascinating issue with mostly the low internal storage mobile devices. As soon as we start installing useful apps, the smartphone starts getting slower and slower. Sometimes people can not install new apps in their android devices.

  1. The quick and easiest method to get better performance from your android is to wipe out unnecessary data from both the internal and external storage i.e. Photos, Music, Videos and other files.
  2. Then you can delete unnecessary apps too. If you have apps of use only, then go wipe their cached data.
  3. Make sure your device is running fine and don’t have any popups or links popping on screen. It happens when we visit some third-party spam websites or with some apps that have ads inside them.
  4. Try Installing an antivirus and a cleanup application like CCleaner.
  5. Stop background processes of the applications that are not in use from Settings->Applications->Running panel.
  6. If doing all this doesn’t work, Backup and Reset your device.

How to get Frozen Screen working again?

This happens to almost everyone in this world with most android devices. I have gone through this many a times too. These smartphones are just machines with great technology, but they may go through faults often times.

  • For my first smartphone that I had, I could simply keep pressing the POWER BUTTON and it switched off and then I could turn it back on.
  • On one other mobile, I used to take the battery out and then re-insert to get it working back.
  • But now a days, smartphones come with non-removable batteries. In this case, Pressing down the POWER KEY and the HOME KEY together could do the magic.
  • You could do a soft reset too, to get it working again.

Battery drains quickly?

If you are one of the android user with this issue, you are welcome to the team of 90%+ android users worldwide. This is one of the most common problem seen in android smartphones.

Well you can’t stop this by tapping any button in settings, but you could use the below mentioned tips that would help battery to drain slowly.

  1. Stop background processes of Applications.
  2. Turn off Location Services until you have to use them.
  3. Don’t use auto-brightness, rather adjust the light halfway or to some point where you can see without stressing your eyes.
  4. Put mobile in Flight Mode, at times you don’t even use or don’t want to use your phone.

Having Connectivity Issues?

I have gone through this too many times, It is very frustrating situation when you want to use your network but can’t. Specially for Mobile network, WiFi and Bluetooth Connections.

5 Common Android Problems with Solutions on Loudfind
5 Common Android Problems with Solutions on Loudfind

I then found one simple hack for all of these problems. Simply Turn on Airplane Mode/ Flight Mode on your device for 10-20 seconds. Then turn it back off and try connecting again, in most cases you will be connected to the desired network.

Hope you found some helpful information today about android devices, please take a moment to share our efforts with your friends or android users. They also may be going through some of these issues. That is all for 5 Common Android Problems with Solutions.

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