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According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet &  American Life Project, 46% of Adults in America do own a Smartphone, In this tutorial, i am going to share 4 Things To Do – before buying a smartphone. There are lot of people out there who passionately want to buy a smartphone in hurry and make mistake that costs them heavy amount of money.

The number of Smartphone users is increasing day by day and most of the Smartphone Manufacturer Companies are Cutting down the Costs of the Smartphones, that is making more people attract to buy it. Plus, its becoming a Status Symbol these days i.e. the person with the Keypad Handset is treated as he is far behind in the Race and they  make mistake considering Bigger is Better Approach. but thats not the point, Lets Jump to 4 Things To Do Before buying a Smartphone

#1 Thing : Dual Core Processor

If you go to a shopping center and ask for any Android or iPhone or Windows Smartphone, he may show you a variety of Smartphones to choose from. Now its your turn to choose the Best, So the first thing you should ask  before buying a smartphone will be : – which processor does this smartphone got ?

If he replies with something that is below Dual Core Processor, then skip that smartphone and ask the Seller to give you a Dual Core Processor Smartphone. Dual Core simply refers to the Speed and Usability of the Device with Fast Multi-

#2 Camera Quality

Once you selected the Processor right, its time to move on to the most important Thing to choose and thats the Camera Quality. These days even a $50 Smartphone comes up with 5 MegaPixels and with the Budget Increment, you can find up to 100 Mega Pixels Smartphone Cameras.

You can choose between 5 MegaPixels – 20 Megapixels and that will give you a great Camera Shots and Video Recordings. Smartphones have easily took over to the Camera Market, as most of the things are built in the smartphone.

#3 Wi-fi Hotspot

Moving on to the second last Things to do before buying a Smartphone. Check to see if the Device or the Smartphone you are going to buy has Wi-Fi Hotspot Feature in it. Because this is the recommendation and most Used functionality on a Smartphone.

So, before buying the smartphone, do not forget to ask for Wi-Fi Functionality.


#4 Smartphone Applications Availability

Finally, check to see which Operating System you use and Where will be the Apps would you download from, are they Free ? and lot more. Applications are the only things i think, what makes Buyers Buy a Smartphone. it could be an iPhone or a Windows or Android Store, but should Give you the Apps for Free or by Paying some money. visit here for Free Apps [ originally Paid ] LoudFind

Android is the Biggest App MarketPlace for Smartphone Users, then comes the Apple Play Store and then there is the Windows Phone App market, but most of the people get stuck to Android Smartphone Apps because it gives him largest Topic to learn.


Final Words :

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2 thoughts on “4 Things To Do Before Buying a Smartphone – loudFind”

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    Mohan on October 6, 2014 Reply

    Battery power and type of screen ( capacitive, LCD or LED) should also be considered. And the post is informative and useful to many people. Gonna share this

    • 2
      rahulpoonia01 on October 6, 2014 Reply

      Right Mohan, The points you have mentioned should also be considered, and there are hundreds of more points one should
      look around for before buying a smartphone..

      Thanks for sharing..

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