4 Things To Do – Before Buying Apple iPhone – Review By loudFind

06. October 2014 How to, iPhone 4
4 Things To Do – Before Buying Apple iPhone – Review By loudFind

welcome back tech geeks,In this Review on “4 Things To Do before buying Apple iPhone“, i would share the most emerging causes and problems as well as the benefits of the Apple iPhone Smartphones. This tutorial will end up with good overview of the Apple iPhone Devices and you won’t regret once you read and buy Apple iPhone Smartphone.

I have seen people buying Apple iPhone 5 and 5S, its not been a month and they start complaining about things because they don’t really like the way Apple iPhone Smartphones Work. So, its better to understand first about the Smartphone you are going to buy before its too late.

loudfind.com apple iPhone 6-samsung galaxy s5 comparision
loudfind.com apple iPhone 6-samsung galaxy s5 comparision

Once of my friend bought an iPhone 5S recently and after 13 Days he asked me to ask someone to Buy his Second Hand Apple iPhone 5s. This made me write a good review and suggestion article on Some things to do before buying Apple iPhone .

Lets jump into it straight :

#Why Should You Buy Apple iPhone

Well, i could simply say that Most of the Tech geeks out there are buying it and Apple has been reliable too, so Why not Buy it. But thats not the case, The majority of the smartphone users are on Android Operating System and not Apple iOS. One would like to pay for the Apple iPhone $$$ ranging from $199 up to $499 for the latest Versions of the Apple iPhone Smartphones being iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

But, wait you are not done with the payments yet, For the Dollars you paid to Apple, were just for the Apple iPhone Device, a charger Cable and an Earphone. Now, you will have to navigate to the Apple Marketplace App Store and Pay for most of the Apps, as they Charge you money for almost more than 60% of the Apps.

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# What Should You Know Before you buy Apple iPhone

Holding an Apple Device in hands is an Awesome Experience for almost everyone, because it gives you the feeling of being on top of all Smartphone Manufactures [ According to Quality Parameters ]. The Graphics and User Interface of Apple iPhone Smartphones is Unmatchable, and other manufacturers are way too far in this Race of Smartphone Device User Interfaces.

You would never want to take your eyes off the Screen once you look deeply into an Apple Device, but this isn’t enough, Design is not everyone buys Apple iPhone for, right ?


# Which Apple iPhone Model to Select : 16Gb | 32 GB | 64 GB

You must know about the space you get in your Apple iPhone Smarty plus make note of it that its not Expendable with External Micro SD cards or so. 32Gb is the Middle Range for this and often sells the most from Apple Inc. If you are planning to buy a 16 Giga Bytes, then be ready to face Problems with getting low on Memory, coz there’s no other option for this to accomplish this task.

If you can Stretch Your Budget for iPhone then i would recommend to go for 64 GB Model and Enjoy fully featured iPhone without limitations *.

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# Be ready to face issues with Sync and Sharing Features

Apple simply won’t let you share things easily with other Smartphone Operating Systems i.e. Google Android or BlackBerry and Windows (just to name a few). Even if you got a small image file, and want to share with your friend over Bluetooth, You simply Can’t.

Plus, you will need specific Softwares i.e. iTunes on Specific PCs or Laptops to Sync your iPhone with. You can’t go and Connect your iPhone to any Computer or Laptop on the go. This ends the article “4 Things To Do – Before Buying Apple iPhone – Review By loudFind“.

If you have any Suggestion, Query or Doubt then please mention it in the Comment area of LoudFind below.


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