4 Apps you must Delete RIGHT NOW!

17. December 2016 Android, Apple, Random 0
4 Apps you must Delete RIGHT NOW!

4 Apps you must Delete RIGHT NOW!

It’s been a great experience using Smartphones since it’s release. Users daily download and install millions of apps on their devices around the world. After the demonetization activity in India, there has been a crucial and dramatic change in the economical and financial system. That indirectly affects the technology sector as well.

4 Apps you must delete right now
4 Apps you must delete right now

This is why Government of India wants you to delete the below mentioned 4 Applications from your devices as soon as possible. The Home Ministry issued an alert on Tuesday that stated the Malware being sent from Pakistani Agencies to snoop on Indians through these 4 apps.

Here is the list of 4 Apps you should remove from your mobile:

Reports state that these 4 apps compromise user’s personal information and is a serious threat. So the Home Ministry asks Indian Users to delete these four apps as soon as possible.

  1. Top Gun (Top Gun is a gaming app that is installed on many smartphones in India.)
  2. MPJunkie (This is a Music App that can be a serious and harmful app.)
  3. BDJunkie (This is another App like above but deals with videos)
  4. Talking Frog (Very Popular entertainment app mostly installed for kids)

They say the Pakistani Agencies are looking to steal the personal and private information including the Payment Details stored on a mobile phone.


What is more shocking is that these apps were also actively used by some Pakistani Agencies in January 2016 at the time of Pathankot Terrorist Attack. So we should not use any of these four apps including Top Gun, MPJunkie, BDJunkie and the Talking Frog.

We don’t know if these are rumors or real facts, but we have seen this happening in India. So for the sake of security, we should not use these apps as we have alternatives to these apps available in the App stores.

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